Lily Zhou

Lily Zhou

Teaches: Guzheng

Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin

Guzheng Teacher

Lily is a Guzheng player who has been learning the instrument since the young age of 7. In 2018, she successfully obtained Grade 9 certification in Guzheng with the Chinese Musicians Association. She has experience in participating in group performances, and more recently received the second-place prize at the International Open Music Competition of Australia in 2019 for the Chinese Folk Music Young Adult Group.

Lily started teaching Guzheng in 2019 and can work with students in groups or on an individual level. She teaches students of all ages, from children (starting around 7 years old) to adults. A bilingual teacher, Lily is capable of teaching in both English and Mandarin and can thus cater to her student’s linguistic needs accordingly. She likes working with passionate students who enjoy music and the Guzheng and believes that anyone can be a great musician.