Who are we? We're Music Time School!

So then, who are we?

We are Music Time School: an institution that supports and facilitates the growth of our students who wish to learn music.

We have facilities in which eager students can learn music, and where our seasoned teachers can instruct them. We also share the love of sound, and how to enhance the learning experience of our students so that they can also enjoy the wonders of music.

We offer many different types of tuition, from instrumental lessons to theory classes. To see a full list of what we offer, please find out more on a “What We Offer” page.

So who runs the show?

Manager of Operations: Joshua Juandy

Joshua is a musician and IT professional, who was introduced to music from a very young age. He started his music career at 5 years old, diligently pursuing the path of music with a passion of the aural arts. Solidifying his musical foundation with the Yamaha curriculum, Joshua has received his AMUS certifications in Piano, as well as having obtained qualifications in AMEB Grade 5 Theory. Despite his classical training, however, Joshua has developed his music more towards the sophisticated stylings of Jazz, making use of dissonant harmonies in his performance to create interesting tensions and juicy resolutions. Yet, even as he did, he has not failed to obtain other accreditations, such as his Grade 5 Yamaha Certifications, AMEB Grade 8 for Saxophone, and successful results in both VCE Music Performance and VCE Music Investigation Units.

Come see us today!

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Come by today and talk to our friendly staff! We welcome any and all who are interested in embarking on the path of music!

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Phone: (03) 9887 9883
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