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The Study of Music

Music Theory

music Theory Lessons

Music Theory is a study of how music is made. It concerns itself with describing how other composers and musicians have created music, and gives those who study the craft a more thorough understanding of how sound is organised into music.

Students learning Music Theory can also obtain tools useful for creating their own songs, whether they be pure originals or arrangements of previous works. And even for performers, the knowledge and understanding of the techniques used by other musicians can give them insight which will no doubt benefit their performance.

At Music Time School, basic music theory are included  during music private lessons. Our students are encouraged to take up music theory lessons when they want to learn more about music theory or to prepare for theory exam as part of requirement for certain grades.

We offer Music Theory lessons in private or group classes. We believe that Music Theory is essential to understanding music and to help our students become better musicians.

Music Theory Teachers

Peter Hurley

Piano, Theory

Suffee Chan

Piano, Theory

Jason Nguyan

piano, Theory

Madeline Jong

Violin, Theory