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Performance Opportunities

Here at Music Time School, we understand that for musicians to truly shine, they need a stage to show off their talents. Thus, we provide a number of opportunities for our students to perform and make use of their abilities.

The Band Initiative

Formed by MTS students, teachers, and affiliates, the MTS band provides a place for students to learn how to play music in cooperation with other musicians. Members of the band also learn how to improvise and gain more experience in sight-reading a wide variety of musical genres. 

After being deemed performance-worthy, band members may also get to go on gigs to play at places like the Glen, community events, or perform a special act at MTS concerts!

The Guzheng Performance Group

Formed by MTS guzheng students and teachers, the Guzheng Performance Group specialises in group guzheng performances. Here, members will learn how to play in sync with their fellow guzheng players to harmonise and produce an even greater performance than they can individually. In the future, group members may also get the opportunity to cooperate with the MTS band in cross-cultural performances! 

Once a group is deemed performance-worthy, members may also get the chance to go on gigs to play at community events or perform a special act at MTS concerts!

MTS Recitals

MTS holds bi-annual recitals (usually around June and December) for its students to perform and display their learning progress. MTS students are required to perform in at least one recital a year. 

MTS Concerts

MTS holds annual concerts to provide a performance platform for its students. Performers are able to show off the fruits of their efforts and get a taste of how it feels to perform in front of a crowd. Regular performances include acts from the MTS band and Guzheng Performance Group.