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Piano Lesson - Student Session

Music Lessons

Musical Theory - Student Session

Music Theory Lessons

Early Learning - Young Children Music Lesson

Early Learning


We offer many different kinds of lessons for students to enrol in, each serving to deepen one’s understanding of music in different ways. See below for a detailed explanation of each of the programs we offer, and decide which one is right for you.

Music Lessons

Here is where we offer instrumental and singing lessons. This type of tuition involves a student having sessions with a teacher so as to further their expertise on their desired instrument.

Regardless of whether one wishes to simply play songs that they like or want to prepare themselves for examinations, the content of the lessons are largely up to the decision of both the student and teacher.

These lessons can take the form of individual one-on-one sessions, or group tuition.

Music TheorY

We offer lessons to teach Musical Theory: that is, the understanding of how music works. This type of tuition is offered as both group and private lessons where students will be taught the ins and outs of music.

Music Theory is very deep, and as such there are many different levels of theory classes (commonly referred to as grades). At higher levels, it is recommended for students to undertake private lessons to allow for more focussed learning. Qualifications in Music Theory are indispensable for some examinations to obtain certification.

Early Learning

We offer lessons to introduce young children to the basic concepts of music and start them on their musical journey. This type of tuition can be undertaken as either group or private lessons.

Early exposure to music is important for young developing brains, as it can lead to a more solid musical foundation for future studies. In this class, students will learn more about musical appreciation and rhythm, helping to set them up for success in a fun and engaging manner.