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Piano Lessons

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What is the Piano?

The most commonly widespread musical instrument. A piano is a “percussion” instrument and is played by pressing keys that are laid out along a board. For acoustic pianos, these keys activate hammers that strike strings, which vibrates to make sound (with different length of strings producing different pitches). For electronic keyboards, these keys activate an electronic program that plays a pre-recorded and/or synthesised sound.

How hard is it to learn?

Because of how uniquely the piano lays out each musical note as a separate key, and the ease of which its sound is made, it is one of the easier instruments to learn as a beginner. Additionally, pianos come in all sorts of varieties, from expensive acoustics to the affordable electronic keyboards, so beginners on a budget can feel assured that they don’t need to spend too much to simply start lessons.

To truly excel at any instrument, however, will take time and dedication. For piano, the challenge comes with training finger muscles and dexterity, along with music theory and musicianship to be able to not just play the notes but make them sound good as well.

Why should I learn it?

One thing that sets piano apart from other instruments is its versatility. Having all the notes laid out as keys not only makes it easy to understand what is being played, but the ability to play multiple notes at the same time sets it apart from other instruments. The popularisation of electric keyboards also gives pianists the flexibility to play with different sounds, and with it a larger range of genres. From virtuosic classical piano solos, to syncopated synth accompaniments in a band’s rhythm section, being able to play the piano is a great foundational skill for any musician to have.

Types of Piano Lessons

Private Piano Lessons

One-on-one personal instruction with an experienced piano teacher. Individualised teaching allows for targeted lessons based on what you need as a student, greatly enhancing the learning experience and efficiency.