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Erhu Lessons

What is the Erhu?

The erhu is a string instrument of Eastern origin that has 2 strings. It is played by using a bow made of horsehair and running the hair across the strings. The friction from this action causes the string to vibrate, creating a sound that is amplified by the resonator, a drumhead-like chamber with a membrane across it that vibrates. Pitch is changed by using fingers to press on sections of the string, temporarily shortening the vibrating string and increasing its pitch.

How hard is it to learn?

Like with other Eastern instruments, the erhu is taught based on Eastern music theory, which may differ from the Western approach to music. Playing the erhu requires hand and finger training, which may initially lead to painful blisters on the fingertips for beginners. Availability of the instrument in Australia may vary, as erhus often need to be imported from Asia, thus causing the cost to fluctuate.

Why should I learn it?

The erhu is a unique instrument with a rich, mellow tone. It is expressive and mostly used for traditional styles of music but can be adapted to suit a wide variety of genres. The instrument itself is also quite small and portable, making it a great instrument for on-the-go performances.

Types of Erhu Lessons

Private Erhu Lessons

One-on-one personal instruction with an experienced erhu teacher. Individualised teaching allows for targeted lessons based on what you need as a student, greatly enhancing the learning experience and efficiency.

Group Erhu Lessons

Lessons for those wishing to learn whilst with other erhu enthusiasts.