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Trumpet Lessons

What is the Trumpet?

The trumpet is a brass wind instrument played by vibrating the player’s lips and blowing air through them to buzz them. The lips are then placed on the mouthpiece of the trumpet, which then vibrates the metallic mouthpiece and shapes the air column to produce sound. Pitch is changed by pressing different valve combinations along the body of the instrument, which then changes the length of the tube that the air travels. The longer the tube, the lower the pitch.

How hard is it to learn?

Like with all wind instruments, beginners must train their mouth muscles and lungs, which may initially lead to some pain in the lips/mouth. Different notes can be learned by remembering the valve fingering. The initial instrument cost is a commitment, with beginner trumpets ranging widely in quality and cost, going from as low as $150 to $1500. Trumpets made mostly of plastic are a cheaper option, but often sacrifice sound and build quality in exchange.

Why should I learn it?

The trumpet has a uniquely bright and brilliant tone that is both powerful and stately. It is a common addition to orchestras, wind ensembles, and brass bands, and is featured in a variety of musical genres including jazz, big band, and ska. The unique method of playing the trumpet is shared with other bigger brass instruments, and as such it is easier to transition to other brass instruments later in a player’s musical career.

Types of Trumpet Lessons

Private Trumpet Lessons

One-on-one personal instruction with an experienced trumpet teacher. Individualised teaching allows for targeted lessons based on what you need as a student, greatly enhancing the learning experience and efficiency.