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Benjamin Loh

Teaches: Violin

Languages Spoken: English

Violin Teacher

Ben is an accomplished violinist who has established himself as a skilled and expressive musician since embarking on his musical journey in 2016. He successfully obtained his Associate in Music Australia (A.Mus.A) in 2022, showcasing his technical prowess and deep understanding of musical nuances. As a testament to his proficiency, Ben excelled in VCE Units 3&4 Music Performance, earning himself an impressive A grade in the assessment. Ben has played with various orchestras, including the Melbourne High School Orchestra and Box Hill School Orchestra, where he has honed his ensemble skills and expanded his musical repertoire across diverse genres.

Beyond his accomplishments as a performer, Ben is an aspiring music composer. He brings with him a creative and innovative approach to his teaching, with his passion for composition adding a unique expressive dimension to his lessons. Ben encourages his students to explore their own creative potential and works actively to nurture their musical talents.