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Channery Zhang


Teaches: Guzheng

Languages Spoken: Mandarin, English

Guzheng Teacher

Channery is a Guzheng instructor with over ten years of experience teaching. She has an extensive history on the study of music, having done both a Bachelor of Art in Musicology and a Master of Art in Ethnomusicology at the China Conservatory of Music. After working as a lecturer at the Department of Music at Hunan First Normal University, she later came to Melbourne as a research associate at Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music at Monash University. Currently, she is studying Arts Management at RMIT University.

During her previous years of teaching as a lecturer, on top of teaching the Guzheng, Channery has taught courses about the history of Chinese music, harmonic ear training, and appreciation of world music. She has done much research on Chinese folk music and traditional opera, having written a multitude of papers on the subject. Channery is dedicated to the learning and study of music and strives to impart this constant drive of learning and self-improvement to her students.