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Christel Odayen

Teaches: Vocals, Piano

Languages Spoken: English, French

Vocal & Piano Teacher

Christel Odayen is a singing teacher with a storied history in music. She started her musical journey with classical piano at a young age in the Conservatoire of Francois Mitterrand, the National School of Music in Mauritius, a small island off the coast of Madagascar. After discovering her passion for pop music, she further studied pop piano at the London College of Music. She later studied classical singing at the Royal School of Music and was highly involved in the music scene in Mauritius as a professional singer.

In 2017, Christel joined the Opera Mauritius, a non-profit involved in the production of many concerts in Mauritius. As a member, Christel participated in many of their concerts and even performed in musical comedies such as ‘La Veuve Joyeuse’. Presently, Christel is the pianist, vocalist, and leader of SIBS, a female band in Mauritius. Since coming to Australia in May 2023, Christel has joined the Urban Praise Choir and performed during their Werribee Mansion Concert.