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Lydia Ji

Lydia compressed

Teaches: Guzheng, Piano

Languages Spoken: Mandarin, English

Guzheng & Piano Teacher

Lydia is an experienced guzheng player and instructor who has been playing guzheng for over 10 years. Having learned musical instruments since the tender age of 4, Lydia has a solid musical foundation. She has a Grade 10 certification both in guzheng with the Grading Committee of the China Conservatory and in piano with the Chinese Musicians Association. In 2017, Lydia participated in the ‘2017 China Zheng Zither Spring Festival Gala’ as a Guzheng actor and performed on the same stage as the Guzheng master Yuan Sha.

Lydia has a Graduate Degree in Arts from the University of Melbourne and has also been trained as a professional Guzheng Teacher in the China Guzheng Education Inheritance Summit. She has also been certified to join the Guzheng Education Development Alliance as a member. As a teacher, Lydia is patient and loves to teach students of different ages and cultures. She can teach guzheng in both Chinese and English and is eager to share the wonders of this Chinese instrument with the world.